Our Story

Ervateira Verdelandia

For 30 years, with a unique and remarkable flavor, the Ervateira Verdelandia represents a tradition of several generations. In the midst of prose, it creates and recalls pleasant stories. It all started in 1985 in Matelândia, and until then is part of the Circle of Chimarrão. Currently located in Espigão Alto do Iguaçu - PR, the industry expands every day.


Mr Egon Vier and Mrs Sirena Vier

Alcidir y Dilce

Years of History

A pioneer in the process of vacuum yerba mate in Paraná, the Ervateira Verdelandia industry cherishes above all the quality of your product, from the choice of the raw material for drying, until the packaging. In 1986 there was the launch of the first range: yerba mate Verdelandia.

In mid-1989, the second range took space at all points of sale, yerba mate Quero-Quero. With a selected raw material and of great quality, the yerba mate Quero-quero is the perfect combination of a homogeneous product and taste like no other.

Marking the beginning of the 20th century, more flavor came to the factory. Started the production of herbs for tererê preparation. The taste of the green mate combined with the flavor of spearmint, peppermint, lemon, pineapple and more, makes our preparation to tererê a success wherever it goes.

With a production capacity of more than 1 million pounds of yerba mate by month, and present in more than 5 States, Ervateira Verdelandia industry currently has four yerba mate ranges and a range of herbs for tererê preparation. Thirty years of success, dreams and stories to last a lifetime. Indústria Ervateira Verdelandia, a future of stories to tell.

The professionalizing management and constant concern with the future of the company and of its related people, causes the Verdelandia seek to evolve in all aspects. making great headway towards the future, we describe what the Verdelandia displays as the path to success. Therefore, we present you our mission, vision and values. And we invite you to live with us this transformation.


What it is: Mission is the role played by the company in its sector. It is timeless and represents the company’s greatest desire. It is the communication of the nature and essence of the company into and out of it.

Mission of Verdelandia: Producing Natural Drinks with Excellence and Sustainability.
Verdelandia believes that it produces much more than mate, produces natural beverages, which is what the consumer wishes for. Future work will be around the business of Natural product-based Drink, opening new markets with numerous products, generating an even greater growth prospect.


What it is: The vision is the way the company chooses to fulfill its mission, that is, the task to be performed to achieve the mission. The Vision makes explicit the challenge and inspiration of the company to achieve its objectives and also the projection of future opportunities.

2020 Vision:
To be a Certified Company with the Seal Paraná Foods.
The Seal Paraná Foods was created by SEBRAE. To achieve this, the company must comply with various quality requirements, good manufacturing and management practices.

Therefore, Verdelandia believes that this seal will add great value to the institution and the products themselves, generating greater visibility in the national and even international scenario, making the company recognized for food quality and safety, that is, being a reference in the sector.


What are they? The values are immutable principles over time. It is the basis of company culture. The adherence of values is a relevant part of the evaluation of the performance of the members of the process, ensuring that the person remains in the company. The values define a code of what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior.

Values: Respect: The respect referred to here is comprehensive in all spheres of work and life of all employees. Respect for co-workers in general, political opinion, religious opinion, skin color, divergent opinions, in the end, respect should be observed in general.
Honesty: Being honest to Verdelandia means acting transparently in every way, from the seriousness of relationships and work, to expressing your opinion about things, being true and sincere.
Responsibility: Acting responsibly means being aware of the consequences of everything we do, and our actions in all spheres of life, within and also outside the company.

Be a responsible person means to be mature and self-confident.
Ethics and respect to the laws: Ethical terms is essential in all our relations and actions, respect the laws is the least we can do to follow with seriousness and perpetuate our company.
Personal development: Verdelandia believes that the greatest asset of a company are people, so values for personal development, supporting actions that make employees grow as professionals and as people.


Our goal is to approach more and more sectors of the company converging to a single goal. As actions, we will have regular meetings so that everyone can participate actively in the decisions and we can learn from each other, always looking for excellence in our business. We hope that you grow together! We’re going to get through day to day, seeking constant evolution.