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Our Story

Where everything started

Ervateira Verdelandia
For 30 years, with a unique and remarkable flavor, the Ervateira Verdelandia represents a tradition of several generations. In the midst of prose, it creates and recalls pleasant stories. It all started in 1985 in Matelândia, and until then is part of the Circle of Chimarrão. Currently located in Espigão Alto do Iguaçu - PR, the industry expands every day.

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Years of History

A pioneer in the process of vacuum yerba mate in Paraná, the Ervateira Verdelandia industry cherishes above all the quality of your product, from the choice of the raw material for drying, until the packaging. In 1986 there was the launch of the first range: yerba mate Verdelandia.
In mid-1989, the second range took space at all points of sale, yerba mate Quero-Quero. With a selected raw material and of great quality, the yerba mate Quero-quero is the perfect combination of a homogeneous product and taste like no other.

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Efficient work

We work in a clean and airy place. With efficient machines with 22 packaging capabilities per minute, the amount of production only tends to grow. This 100% mechanical process, allows for speed and quality in the process of industrialization of yerba mate.

Vacuum process

The vacuum process consists in preserving food, increasing your profitability. There is no air inside the package, therefore the humidity does not affect the product, thus having its shelf life increased. Indústria Ervateira Verdelandia is the first industry to bring this type of packaging for Paraná. The machine has a production capacity of up to 7 packs per minute.


Care for the environment

For the Verdelandia, it is not enough to just remove the raw nature of your product. You have to invest in reforestation to maintain the environmental balance. That is why the company has been carrying out, in a continuous and responsible manner, the planting of several eucalyptus and native grass seedlings in areas unsuitable for growing yerba mate. When adults, the trees are intended for drying the herb. The native ones are kept in the areas of reforestation, a sign of respect and admiration that the Verdelandia has by nature.

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We are located in the State of Paraná, in two municipalities: Espigão Alto do Iguaçu (Headquarter) and Guarapuava - District of Palmeirinha (Branch) at a distance of 185 km kilometers between factories. Schedule a visit and come and have a chat with us!


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